Literally every parent out there is looking for new and fun ways to entertain their kiddos at home – bonus points if it’s reasonably priced.

The good news is there are tons of subscription boxes out there vying for your business, all promising the educate, entertain, and engage the kiddos in your home.

The bad news is that it can be hard to tell which one might be right for your family – but if you read through the descriptions below, we hope they’ll help you decide!

18. Just Like Me Box

This box offers books that feature characters of color meant to promote self-love as well as a love for reading. Their offerings provide kids the opportunity to see themselves in books, and hopefully give them characters to relate to.

A monthly subscription will run you $28.

17. The Preschool Box

This box contains over 16 activities for your preschool kiddo. They focus on phonics, counting, shapes, colors, and writing, all through totally fun activities.

The monthly fee is $29.16.

16. Girls Can Crate

Girls can do anything, and this crate is packed with materials that teach them about great female role models through history. Each box contains a 28-page story, an activity book, 2-3 hands-on activities, and a collectible button and tote.

It’ll run you $32.95 a month.

15. KiwiCo

This company offers different boxes for every age group, and each are filled with an activity to help your kid learn and grow. Not only that, but a portion of their profits are donated toward child development research.

The Panda Crate (0-2) is $39.90 a month and the Maker Crate runs $29.95

14. Little Global Citizen

The aim of the subscription is to introduce your kid to different countries and cultures. Each box comes with a guide, 2-3 crafts, 2-3 cultural activities, recipes, language lessons, and a story book sure to make everyone feel like they’ve gotten out of the house after all.

The cost is $39.95 every two months.

13. Little Passports

Another travel-inspired box, Little Passports sends boxes that feature two characters that will “accompany” your child on a worldwide adventure. There are different boxes to suit different age groups (3-9+) and they’re all packed with activities sure to keep your kids busy for hours.

The World Edition is $14.95 a month and the Early Explorers crate is $16.95 a month.

12. Green Kids Crafts

These boxes are stuffed with age-appropriate science and art kids. They’re themed and are designed by a team of both kids and experts.

They’re for kids ages 5-10 and run $24.95 a month.

11. Kidstir

If your kid loves cooking shows and dreams of being a chef, this box that contains a new recipe and the necessary cooking utensils could be the one for you. Kidstir emails parents the shopping list ahead of time so you’ll be able to have the ingredients on hand when it arrives.

All of this fun for $24.99 a month.

10. Monti Kids

If Montessori is your jam, this box full of educational toys will be sure to keep your kids up to speed while you’re not able to go to school. Parents also get access to instructional videos, research, and tips.

It’s pricey – $297 every three months – but if you’re into Montessori, you’re probably over the sticker shock by now.

9. Spangler Science Club

Kids that love science need this in their life – each month, a box that contains a hands-on science activity arrives at your door.

It’s recommended for kids age 5-12 and runs $19.99 a month.

8. Guide Dots

If you’ve got kids that love to draw and color but you’re sick of never having enough or the right materials on hand, this one’s for you. There are two levels that depend on age and confidence and all of the materials are included.

It’s recommended for kids between the ages of 4 and 7 and is $89.99 every 3 months.

7. Brick Loot

Got LEGO-obsessed kids? This LEGO subscription box contains new, custom LEGO kids every month.

They’re $25.98 a month.

6. Lovevery Play Kit

You’ll get a delivery every 2-3 months and it will be full of age-appropriate toys.

The Senser Play Kit (5-6 months) and the Realist Play Kit (19-21 months) are both $36 a box.

5. Hoppi Box

These boxes are aimed at helping your baby achieve developmental milestones while having fun at the same time. The boxes are aimed at kids from 0-3, so this could make an awesome baby gift, too.

It’ll run you $75 a quarter.

4. Raddish Kids

Another cooking kit for your culinary kiddos – each kit is themed and keeps things fresh and fun in the kitchen.

The monthly price is $25 a month.

3. Literati

If you’ve got a bookworm at home, this box could be a godsend. You get 5 books in each box and can return any you don’t like after a week. They’re also tailored by age group.

There’s Club Sprout (preschoolers) and Club Sage (7-9) and they’re both $9.95 a month.

2. Mission Unboxable

Who doesn’t love pretending they’re a spy? With this box, you and your family turn into “secret agents” in order to solve a monthly mission. It’s a great way to lose the electronics for a few hours!

A three-month subscription is $45.

1. Sensory Theraplay Box

If therapeutic play is something you like to engage in your home, you might give these a try. The boxes are curated by a pediatric OT, which means they contain toys that are fun and are calming and help manage anxiety. They’re great for all kids, but especially kids who have ASD or other sensory needs.

A monthly subscription runs $39.95.

Hmm, I seriously think there might be one or two of these that might work for my kids!

Have you tried any of these?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments if so!