It’s not that people haven’t always appreciated teachers, it’s just that sometimes parents forget just how much they love teachers until things like holiday breaks or summer vacation (or forced homeschooling) roll around to remind them.

Of what? Mostly that, no matter how much they love their kids, spending 24/7 with them AND trying to learn and convey new math is just not viable for a happy family.

These 18 parents are realizing the truth all over again – teachers are actually the best.

18. The last one is a rule in our house, too.

17. $100k should really be an average, honestly.

16. This is all gonna be fine.

15. The Great Parental Reckoning is taking place.

14. Was that a timely app release or what?

13. Even Shonda Rhimes can’t do what they do.

12. Please?

11. Most of us newbies should be putting “homeschooling” in quotes.

10. Real talk from someone who has been there.

9. In the grand tradition of our own parents.

8. How about some money? Everyone loves money.

7. That escalated quickly.

6. I hope teachers are home having a beverage whenever they’d like.

5. It’s nice to know you didn’t miss your calling, though.

4. Sooooo how about we pay them more?

3. I’m not sure Elsa and Anna are the best teachers, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

2. These are applicable subjects!

1. The world would be a lot different if they were.

All of my teacher friends work so hard and they care so much – they deserve to be patted on the back (and paid far more!) every day of the year.

Are you a teacher? Are you now a homeschool teacher?

What makes you appreciate the people who teach your kids more than ever?