20 Kids Who Just Realized Their Parents Are Cooler Than They Are

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It’s a rough moment when you realize, despite everything you’ve believed since you hit puberty, that your parents are actually cool. And not just in mom and dad ways. Like, actually cool. Also, they had actual lives before becoming parents!


Those are life-altering realizations, and ones that these 20 redditors just got smacked in the face with in ways that are undeniable – and hilarious.

20. This man is sculpting a bust of his wife in the ’80s. Like…whoa.

Photo Credit: Reddit,JankyTango

19. She totally looks as if she could have been a badass spy hanging out in Moscow

Photo Credit: Reddit

18. This is a cooler wedding day pic than the ones we spend thousands on today

Photo Credit:Reddit,ohfuckdood

17. Well, this is adorable

Photo Credit: Reddit,DatingPuppy

16. No caption necessary

Photo Credit: Reddit,DrGirlfriend93

15. I’ve got some serious heart eyes for this woman’s style

Photo Credit: Reddit,jsparks117

14. This looks like a still shot from a movie!

Photo Credit: Reddit,targat2

13. This dad would be super cool (I mean, he was a military contractor diving in the Red Sea) even if he wasn’t smoking hot

Photo Credit: Reddit,urs1ne

12. I’m not sure what to say about this, but I like it

11. When your mom took her “gardening” seriously

Photo Credit: Reddit,Whisky_taco

10. Proof that good people have always existed

Photo Credit: Reddit,ohdavling

9. When your dad is in a full-page surfing spread in Peru, it’s time to accept you will never be that cool

Photo Credit: Reddit,fyrebrahnd

8. Before he had 4 boys and probably did NOT settle down

Photo Credit: Reddit,Reallybadat

7. Her dad holding Magic Johnson and, I assume, wearing pants

Photo Credit: Reddit,ILikeBlazing

6. Real girls beat all the boys in a pie-eating contest

Photo Credit: Reddit,Talking_Head

5. There’s nothing I don’t love about this picture of a bunch of guys in short shorts grilling on a moving submarine

Photo Credit: Reddit,shanbuscus

4. So many 1970s skateboarding parents!

Photo Credit: Reddit,-lilsebastian

3. If my math teacher was like this, I might have liked it more (also, that guy’s expression as he turns around and sees the camera)

2. When your badass mom worked at NASA in the ’70s

Photo Credit: Reddit,sumthingabout

1. First, that outfit needs to be acknowledged. Second…is he related to Ryan Gosling, or is time travel a thing?

Photo Credit: Reddit,eluvlane

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