All parents have some experiences in common – probably a lot of them, actually – but there are some things only moms (or only dads) will understand.

If you’re a mom, this is one of those moments when you’re going to feel like the internet really gets you, because these 25 memes were made for mamas!

25. We have all made that face.

Dear god, I’m trying so hard to look interested.

24. Good friends have the best ideas.

That’s why you gotta text them before you make any serious moves.

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23. That’s so weird, I have no idea!

Better ask Daddy!

22. Every last time.

Why can’t they just walk?!

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21. You have to go to great lengths.

And then you’ve only got a 50/50 shot.

20. Like, you promise?

Spoiler Alert: They do not promise.

19. Oh happy day.

Literally it hasn’t happened to me yet.

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18. You don’t want to laugh, but…

Sometimes they’ve just earned it.

17. Because one baby wasn’t enough.

Seriously you can usually tell.

16. See what I mean?

Shared experiences, y’all. But her purse is way nicer.

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15. If that ain’t real, I don’t know what else is.

So much wasted coffee. RIP.

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14. This is a truth universally acknowledged.

They can literally smell your excitement.

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13. It’s best to just leave them there.

If you have the option.

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12. Who knew smiling was so hard?

There’s no doubt it is, though.

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11. Those shoes are hanging on tighter than my sanity.

I’m just saying.

10. They can hear it from across the house.

They’re like dogs that way.

9. How do they know just how to thwart you?

And why do they want to?

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8. How did it all go downhill so quickly?

When did it all change?

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7. That second question seems unnecessary.

Maybe the doctor doesn’t have kids.

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6. It can be so frustrating.

As can not taking it personally.

5. That giant rodent is more chill than I usually am.

Maybe he babysits.

4. If that ain’t the truth.

What is that phrase even supposed to mean?

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3. There’s room for everyone.

Just like there was room on that door, Kate.

2. There’s a first time mom of a baby out there thinking this is so not true.

I know because that was me before I had two kids under 4.

1. You know what? It doesn’t matter.

You go have fun, sis.

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I feel so seen, y’all.

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