5 Couples Show the Hilariously Different Ways They Caption the Same Photo


It’s no secret that men and women are coded differently. Add that to the fact that society shoves us into different boxes labeled with different expectations and it’s not surprising that we do social media slightly differently.

These 5 couples found more than slight differences, however, when they took a look at how their better halves captioned identical photos on social media.

5. Here’s the post that started the onslaught…

Photo Credit: Twitter,bellakoval

4. This girl also feels her pain, though

3. Sometimes, we just have different priorities

2. I feel like maybe “meat sticks” is code for something, but either way, they’re definitely not on the same page

Photo Credit: Twitter,M_Murray143

1. Sounds about right!

Photo Credit: Twitter,naomihomie_

Try this experiment with your own significant other – I bet you’ll get some pretty funny results!

h/t: Twenty-Two Words