I’ve yet to have trouble convincing my kids to take a bath or a shower. That said, they’re only 3.5 and 1.5, so I’m sure that day is coming…

I know people whose children hate or fight a bath, though, and I imagine that’s got to be a tough one. We hate to tell our children what to do with their bodies, but then again, we also hate to live in dirt, filth, and stink.

If you’re struggling with bath time, here are 5 tips for getting your kid to actually enjoying getting clean.

5. A Fun Playlist


My kids and husband (who does most baths/showers) have music they love to listen to and sing along with while they’re scrubbing and splashing. If your kid loves music, try putting together a playlist of favorites, or bath-specific tunes.

Here’s a suggestion, but feel free to tailor it to your little one’s likes!

4. Bath Crayons


Kids love drawing on things they’re not supposed to, and they don’t have to know the bath isn’t off-limits! You can make your own, too, if you don’t love the chemicals in the store-bought ones (that you know will make their way into a mouth at least once).

3. Toys and Games


You can buy bath toys and games, but you can also grab things from your kitchen (a strainer and baster are both popular here) and let them go to town, too – try keeping some toys that are “just for the bath” to encourage them to get excited about hopping in!

2. A Bath Visor


If the reason your kid isn’t keen on getting clean is that he or she hates getting water in their wyes, grab a visor to keep their peepers dry.

Always have a dry towel handy, too, so you can quickly wipe dry any errant dribbles.

1. A Fun Robe


There are two benefits to buying your kid a robe. First, if you get one that’s based on a television series they love (our Paw Patrol robe has been well-loved through two boys), they could be excited to wear it “only after a bath.”

Second, babies look adorable in robes, guys.

Make the after-bath a fun ritual and the first part might not seem so painful.

Definitely putting these in my back pocket!

Have you tried any of these? Do you have tricks of your own? Share with us in the comments!