Podcasts are all the rage these days. There’s a good chance you’ve got a few favorites of your own, and you know how great they are for teaching you things, engaging you, passing the time in the car, whatever – but did you know there are also a ton of great ones for your kids?

They range on topic, but the one thing these 8 have in common is that you’re going to enjoy them just as much as your kiddos.

8. Book Club for Kids

Photo Credit: Book Club For Kids

This is exactly what it sounds like, but instead of reading boring books that Oprah or some stuffy professor says you need to read, kids of all ages can follow along with discussions about books they love – from chapter books to young adult novels, your kids can pick and choose the books they want to read and the episodes they want to listen to.

Listen here.

7. Story Pirates

Photo Credit: Story Pirates

The child’s version of Drunk History, this podcast features actors and comedians who act our original stories created by kids.

Listen here.

6. Wow in the World

Photo Credit: NPR

NPR’s first podcast for kids will likely teach you a thing or two, too – hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas lead kids through the age-appropriate news stories of the week.

They kick off each episode with a series of questions about a new scientific discovery or finding, which is awesome because parents are no longer expected to have all of the answers.

Listen here.

5. Noodle Loaf

Photo Credit: Noodle Loaf

This one is silly enough that even your preschoolers will be all about it – it’s music that teaches your kids about science through their totally silly songs.

The episodes are just 10 minutes, short enough for the smallest of attention spans.

Listen here.

4. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

Photo Credit: But Why

I don’t know about you, but if I took a drink every time my kid asked “but why” I would be dead and not writing this list. So I’m sure you would also be happy to let host Jane Lindholm take a few of those curious questions off your hands – questions that are crowd-sourced from real kids everywhere.

Listen here.

3. Circle Round

This podcast takes folktales, myths, and fairy tales from all around the world, making sure they’re inclusive and not terribly violent since the content is aimed at kids between the ages of 4-10. You’ll also likely recognize some of the famous voices on the show!

Listen here.

2. The Past and the Curious

This isn’t about racing, but it is about fairly obscure, fun stories from history that are acted out in a comedic, playful manner. There’s also a quiz segment where you and your kid can face-off to see who retained the most information!

Listen here.

1. What If World

Photo Credit: What If World

As an author, I love this one – I play the “what if” game when plotting novels all the time. This storytelling podcast riffs on this concept, using random questions like “what if sharks had legs or “what if a tiny dragon lived in your closet” to come up with cute, silly stories that will delight parents and children alike.

Listen here.

I’m going to put all of these on a must-try list for sure!

Do your kids have a podcast they love? Is it on this list?

If not, please share it with us in the comments!