The world is fine the way it is, but I think that most of us also realize there are myriad ways it could be better.

Sometimes it takes the right person coming along with the right eye at the right time to solve an issue most of us never even saw – and there’s no arguing that the world isn’t better for all of us now that these 9 genius hacks have been implemented.

9. No more dirty counters!

Or no more dirty spatula FROM your dirty counters. Ha!

My spatula has a little stand so it doesn’t touch the counter
byu/dgroove8 inmildlyinteresting

8. This is so simple!

And yet so effective.

This airplane sleeping mask has different sides depending on if you want the flight attendant to wake you up for meals or not
byu/alngrd inmildlyinteresting

7. Telling you what you really need to know.

Even if you don’t know you need to know it yet.

This baby store has different surfaces to “road test” the strollers
byu/eyedubb inmildlyinteresting

6. I bet they had fun doing it, too.

Anything we can do to help sick kids, I’m in.

doctors paint the MRI machine in the children’s clinic to look like a submarine
byu/whiteShtef inpics

5. In case you don’t have a wall of your own.

Yet. I feel sure.

My university sent me a wallet-sized diploma
byu/frankp0013 inmildlyinteresting

4. For scatterbrained folks everywhere.

I’m including myself in this list.

Image Credit: Demilked

3. Art is for everyone.

No one should have to miss out.

At the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, they have versions of paintings so that blind visitors can still enjoy the art
byu/Peanut_Legend inmildlyinteresting

2. No more tearing your hair out when you have to re-enter a password!

Can we get on this, Amazon?

This TV remote has a keyboard on it’s back
byu/hachi-seb inmildlyinteresting

1. Man I could have used this with a stroller.

But I know they love their bikes over there!

Image Credit: Bored Panda

We need these solutions to happen all over the world, y’all! In fact, let’s get ALL of these things happening in the US immediately!

Have you ever seen a genius hack like this in the wild? Tell us about it in the comments!