We recently had a food shortage emergency in our house that required an emergency trip to the grocery store for a single item – something we honestly have managed to avoid doing for several weeks.

Our must-have, can’t-life-without item was ketchup, but as a mom of toddlers, I definitely get why fellow mom Kelly Hogan Painter, from Waxhaw, North Carolina, had to make an emergency trip for chicken nuggets.

She told Romper than in addition to just being two, her son is autistic and has food sensory issues, making chicken nuggets one of the only things he will eat.

The dreaded chicken-nuggetless moment occurred shortly after the recommendation for everyone to wear face masks in public. Painter didn’t have a face mask yet, and so, like every good parent, she improvised.

For some reason, she had a full-sized Buzz Lightyear helmet lying around she thought, what the heck? A face shield is basically a mask, right?

Photo Credit: Disney

Her husband didn’t believe she was going to actually wear it into the store, so she videoed the entire thing as she puts the front shield down and does the thing.

Like a real hero on a real mission. Buzz would be proud.

The video is just taking off, mostly because it’s hilarious and that’s exactly what we all need right now. It’s pure, it’s heroic, it’s funny – perfection in a video, honestly.

For her part, Painter has decided to keep wearing the helmet instead of a mask, because she’s “just trying to keep everyone’s smiles alive through this ‘frowny’ time.

Not all heroes wear capes, or masks, as it turns out.

Some of them wear Buzz Lightyear helmets to the grocery store to forage for chicken nuggets.