Before we have kids, we’re all so smug about what their eating habits will be, what we’re going to tolerate, and how perfect our littles will be at the table.

After we have kids, we’re laughing so hard at our former selves while we become experts at fixing chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, and pretending we don’t remember they’ve eaten the same meal for five lunches in a row.

As our kids get a bit older, though, many of us try to guide them into making healthier choices, and into an understanding of more complex flavors in the hope that one day, their future spouse will not murder them for ordering off the kid’s menu at a fancy restaurant.

These parents have an idea for you, if the vegetables in your delicious, homemade chicken soup are causing trouble in your house.

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Dad promised he would make the soup, and the kids would get to approve each and every ingredient.

They ended up with chicken, water, noodles, and salt.

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They didn’t like it.

This is my shocked face.

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Anyway, it worked for these parents, so many give it a try in your house! It might not work, but at least all of those ingredients are cheap. Next time, you can give them a lesson about how much money we waste on food that gets shoved in the fridge and then tossed out a few garbage days down the road. I’m sure that will be enlightening.

Anyway,¬† people on the internet had some things to say…

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And some stories about other kids…

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And even adults who did this?

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Parenting isn’t always fun, y’all, but I’ve gotta say – moments like these really make it all worth it.

What do you think? Every had a situation like this where you made a kid realize you knew what you were talking about?

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