There are so many more good people than bad people in the world, a truth that humans everywhere will show you every single day if you know where to look.

Like at the staff at this DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, who not only located a little girls’ beloved stuffed puppy but took photos of him enjoying his stay before heading back home.

Juniper Kuykendall is 2 years old and took her stuffed dog Ruff Ruff with her everywhere. He went along to a sibling’s soccer tournament in Richmond, Virginia, and that’s where he was forgotten, her mother Allison said. They were in a hurry to leave and didn’t do the double-check of the room.

The little girl was in tears when she realized Ruff Ruff wasn’t in the car, so her mother called the hotel to see if they could find him.

“They said they would check with housekeeping right away and let us know if anyone spotted him,” Allison said.

A few days later, Ruff Ruff arrived in the mail, but he wasn’t alone.

The staff had taken cute pictures of the stuffed animal having fun and helping out around the hotel.

They thanked Juniper for sharing him for the day, as he was such a pleasure to have around.

But they made sure to tell her that he missed her very much.

They said they hope Juniper and Ruff Ruff will visit again soon, and if a hotel had gone that above and beyond for my little kid, it would definitely be up there on my list of things to do.

“So thankful for the staff and DoubleTree and their efforts to go above and beyond the call of duty to return Juniper’s best friend. We plan on going back down to Richmond and meeting all of the staff who were involved as soon as it is safe to travel again.”

I sincerely hope that we get pictures when that happens, too, and more reasons to smile.

Has a hotel or other hospitality staff ever gone above and beyond for your family? Share the story with us is the comments!