A Mom Urges People to ‘Just Show up’ When Friends Need Them

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Sometimes, the only thing you can really do to support a friend is just show up and be there for them. Sometimes, you don’t even need to talk if you’re close enough to that person.

Simply being there and letting them vent or cry or complain is the best way you can show someone that you care.

This interesting story comes from a North Carolina woman named Katie Bryant.

“Once upon a time I was in my early twenties, no children, a job I could leave at work for the most part a full night’s sleep and a partridge in a pear tree.

When a friend would have a baby or someone got really sick I would show up with my arms loaded full of home baked goodies, thoughtful cards, meals to their exact liking and honestly I really thought this is what service to the people in my life should look like.

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Then I had my first baby. Then another, this time the first one was only two and the second had colic. It was the hardest transition of my life.

During this period, I completely stopped showing up with meals and loving my tribe in this way, not because I wasn’t able to but because I didn’t feel I could do the job justice. I felt that what I would be able to offer wasn’t good enough to bother with. I was so wrong.

Now, I have three little boys, we live in a tiny house (like an actual tiny house, not just a small house), our lives are full but so very happy. I’m in my thirties now, I’m older, more tired and I’ve been through enough in my life to learn the truth I wish I’d known then, are you ready?

It’s really profound… Just show up.

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That’s it, really. Just show up.

When your friend’s husband dies unexpectedly, when she has a baby, when she is going through a divorce, when her life is unraveling, she doesn’t care if you baked the cookies from scratch and perfectly placed them in a platter. Show up (call first) in your socks with pizza.

Honestly, I think showing up without your act perfectly together is probably more kind to the person who is going through hell.

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