This Ad Campaign Featuring Will Ferrell Challenges Families To Try A Device Free Dinner

Image Credit: YouTube


In a new line of funny-but-also-sad videos brought to you by Common Sense Media, Will Ferrell plays a dad more concerned with social media than his family as they gather around the dinner table. And since we’ve all been that person – distracted and paying attention to the virtual world rather than the human beings right in front of us – the ads target literally everyone.

Everyone. That means you, parents, and not only your children.

When I was little, family dinners were required. We didn’t have the option of cell phones, but we also weren’t allowed to eat with the television on except on special occasions. Now, a family could eat an entire meal at the same table but never once look up and see each other’s faces.

With so much research out there detailing the potentially scary fallout of having kids addicted to screens from a young age, plenty of parents are interested in finding ways to limit the time they spend on their devices. According to Common Sense Media chief creative officer Margaret Johnson, there are real, tangible benefits to doing so:

“We know that kids who have dinners at the table without devices get better grades, have healthier eating habits, and are more socialized than kids who have devices at the table. So we enlisted some celebrity help to show the importance of having device-free dinners.”

That includes you, parents – you’re the linchpin here. If your children see you without a device and you engage them, they’re far more likely to do the same.

According to Common Sense Media, Ferrell and his wife are passionate about the topic, and “are focused on putting down devices and sharing quality time together.” He donated his time to shoot the ads.

Do you have device free dinners or other device free time with your family? We’d love to hear what’s working for you!

h/t: Scary Mommy