Time capsules are those things that hardly anyone thinks about doing anymore. I remember filling one in elementary school, and maybe again right after the turn of the century. I always think we should do more stuff like that, because I know how much people in the present enjoy unearthing relics from the past.

As someone with children, the idea of putting together a time capsule for your child to open when they turn 18 is sentimental and lovely, and I’m so happy we’re getting to read about the girl’s experience opening hers!

Kim Chastain had the idea when her daughter, Grace, turned one. She bought a time capsule and asked friends and family to fill it with whatever they thought Grace would enjoy seeing on her 18th birthday. It was a secret, and Gracie had no idea it existed, Kim told Bored Panda.

“We’ve moved a couple of times since we did the time capsule but for the last ten years, it has been in the back of a large storage room in our basement buried beneath boxes of books. My kids never go in there because they think it’s creepy, so it went unnoticed all these years.”

When she pulled it out and showed it to Gracie, though, the young woman was excited to go through the contents.

Inside she found letters from loved ones, some of whom had passed on.

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Savings bonds and cash.

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Magazines from the year she turned one.

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Pictures and videos of her as a baby.

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It was full to the brim with the physical proof of how very much she has been loved her entire life.

And, now I’m crying. Again.

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The internet has been thrilled to be a part of the process, with the pictures getting over 71,000 reactions and over 100,000 shares.

I’m definitely stealing this idea for my own babies – I think it’s amazing to be able to instill a sense of wonder and respect for where you’ve come from in the next generation.

Have you don’t something like this for your kids? Tell us about it in the comments!