Listen, the lack of sex and reproductive education in America is shameful, so I want to go on record with saying I am not making fun of young Ked Merwin with this post. Education is key, and if no one is going to teach young men about how things like periods work – even though it’s obviously in their best interest to be generally aware – I guess TikTok is as good a place as any to make it happen.

Ked has a mother and a sister, and yet was still 16 years old when he realized that pads stick to a girl’s underwear and not to her skin.

He shared his total aha! moment on TikTok, which is where we all learned that there are apparently many men out there who think this same thing – and some of them don’t have the excuse of being young.

Ked’s video is out there doing the lord’s work, though, and educating people – it’s been viewed well over a million times.

No one is asking the hard question here, which is that if they think it goes on like a Band-Aid to the “skin,” do they…do the know about pubic hair?

Ked thinks that boys should be taught more about “girl stuff” and vice versa, proving once again that this generation might actually save us all one day.

If we don’t ruin everything before they have the chance to take over, of course.

Until then, please talk to your sons, boyfriends, brothers, et al about the normal, monthly visitor in your life. Everyone will benefit if we just stop acting like it’s a gross thing that needs to be kept secret, instead of a thing that happens to 50% of the population.

You know I’m right.