Every single mother, whether she works outside of the home, works from home, or is committed to the full-time job of homemaking and mothering, knows how to multitask – there is literally no way to survive without it.

It’s fun sometimes to see pictures of celebrities, like this one of Ashley Graham, that remind us how we’re all really more alike than we are different.


Graham has spent most of her career modeling expensive clothing, swimsuits, and accessories. She became a mother at 32, and ever since, has been the best about supporting other mothers everywhere as she continues to work, figure out parenting, and make sure she gets enough coffee every day.

One of the first photos she posted was of her pumping on an Uber ride because she felt like she was going to explode – and who hasn’t been there?


Then, she documented a rite of passage none of us will ever forget – that first nasty diaper blowout in public, nary a changing room in sight. Yikes!


So many wipes, am I right?

She’s also been great about helping to normalize breastfeeding in public, snapping this cute photo of her and the baby both getting their morning juice.


Now, Graham is sharing how she multitasks with the best of us, checking emails and pumping while her kiddo – almost 6 months old now – plays in his jumper.


“Breakfast of Champions,” she said in the post. “Extra love to the multi-tasking mama’s club today as I check emails and pump.”

Cheers, Ashley.

We never know what a new day will bring, and we can’t do it all and have it all on every single one.

But she’s proof that sometimes, even if it’s briefly, we can.