Vans tennis shoes have dropped a collection of sneakers geared toward kids and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The shoes’ designers consulted with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards, who create standardized programs in a variety of industries for people with sensory disorders and other special needs.

The resulting line of sneakers are extra-comfortable, sensory-inclusive shoes that focus on touch, sight, and sound.

The shoes come in a palette of cool, calming shades of blue and gray, include additional padding for great comfort, and loops on the back that make them easy to pull on. One version features a textured, checkered pattern and another is topped with a polychromatic holograph of water.

CNN has reported that many parents with kids on the spectrum are enthusiastic about the product, which will hopefully help their children be more independent and experience fewer clothing-related frustrations.

One parent, whose child still struggles to put on and tie his own shoes, said that “the single strap hook and loop will allow him to put his shoes on and adjust them to the tightness he personally needs. The reinforced toe means that he will be able to wear a pair he is used to longer without the anxiety of changing shoes.”

Plus, they look really cool!

Photo Credit: Vans

Vans is also planning to donate at least $100k of its earnings from the collection to the A.skate Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes the therapeutic benefits of skateboarding for children on the spectrum.

If you’re loving this idea as much as I do, you can shop the collection here.

The company said in a press release that “since 1966, Vans has stood as a champion of individuality and self-expression. With this project, Vans celebrates the unique aspects of all people.”