Hilarious Meltdown Ensues When Dad of Quintuplets Blows Out Birthday Candles


Let’s face it, by the time a person has children of their own, birthdays become more about their kids than anything else. Well, scratch that—everything becomes more about their kids! Case in point is this video of a huge (and now famous!) family who is celebrating the man of the house’s special day. You’ve just got to watch his daughters’ reactions as he blows out the candles!

The hilarious clip comes to you courtesy of the YouTube sensations known as It’s A Buzz World. This unique family has skyrocketed to notoriety because of five little—and adorable—reasons; they are the only family in the United States to have a set of all-female quintuplets.

Yeah, we’ll just let you sit with that fact for a moment! FIVE baby girls, with an older sister to boot. We just know that all of you dads out there are shaking in your boots as you’re reading this. Talk about intimidating!

quints family during Halloween

The family first started garnering popularity from social media, but is now starring in their very own show which is produced by none other than TLC, the network who just loves one-of-a-kind households.

The Busby’s show is called OutDaughtered and you can catch it on Tuesday nights. But, let’s first get acquainted with these special folks through one of their many endearing viral videos.

Let us set the stage — It is father Adam’s birthday, and like every parent out there, the good dad has invited all six of his daughters to help him blow out his candles alongside him.

Just look at these precious girls! I love their identical pink party dresses. I wonder how their mom and dad tell them apart…

Anyway, their mom Danielle starts the video off by singing a rendition of the standard “Happy Birthday.”

All seems well with the pack of gals, and though their big sister, Blayke, is smiling sweetly, the baby quintuplets seem a little bit confused. I’m guessing that this event may have coincided with their bedtime!

Once the song begins to wrap up, Danielle reminds her dutiful husband that it’s “time to make a wish!” He moves the tray of cake over to him, blows out the candles, and….

Disaster strikes! It seems that the baby to his right (I did my best to try to figure out which one it is, but most babies look similar, and these quintuplets ALL look the same!), is none too pleased with her daddy taking away the dancing flames. The young girl quickly erupts into tears.

Then, right on cue, two other of her fellow quints start bawling too. Yikes!

The video ends before we can see the parents calm these babies down, which is disappointing, because I’m sure that they have become masters at diffusing situations like these!

Watch the adorable clip for yourself below. You’ll just want to reach out and squeeze their chubby cheeks!

What do you think about this astonishing family? Do you have any multiples in your household? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!