Dads Are Sharing Pics of Their Kids Sleeping on Them and This Thread Is a Gift



Anyone who has ever had the challenge – err, joy – of sleeping with a small child knows that while your kiddo might be getting much-needed rest by being close to Mom or Dad, the adult in the bed is likely not getting the best shut-eye in the world.

Because kids in bed are one of two things – barnacles or octopi who take up every square inch of space.

26-year-old Trajuan Briggs started an adorable thread dedicated to the struggle of parents-of-toddlers everywhere when he posted an image of him “snuggled” with his kid, Isiah.

“Fathers, we should start a thread of pics showing how our kids sleep on us.”

And start they did.

Silly kids, thinking they’re allowed to grow up on us.

My hearrrrrt.

Everyone knows swimming is hard work!

This looks familiar.

Kids can sure do that to you.

All uncomfortable sleepers are welcome.

And, my absolute favorite.

Personally, I hope it’s never finished.