If you haven’t heard of Billie Eilish, you’re probably old, not cool, or an inevitable combination of both.

Also, you definitely didn’t watch the 2020 Grammy Awards, because girlfriend cleaned up.

In response, a dad using the handle FunkyTurkey on Reddit decided to make his own parody of her goth-pop beat “Bad Guy” – titled “Dad Guy” – and to really lean into pretty much every Dad stereotype that there is.

The result is a long, hilariously awesome and dorky Dad Joke.

The video includes him mowing the lawn, wearing the same pair of sneakers every day, eating an entire bag of chips, plucking his nose hairs, and doing his best to get through a jog.

I made Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” into a 3 minute long musical dad joke. I present Dad Guy.
byu/FunkTurkey invideos

Other dads on Reddit are completely here for the video and the jokes, but also for using it to make their own daughters roll their eyes.

That’s how you know a Dad Joke has reached its true audience, my friends.

byu/FunkTurkey from discussion

One Reddit user commented,

“Very well done.

Shared it with my 12yo daughter.

She rolled her eyes.”

Said another,

“Shared it with my 14-year-old niece.

I got ‘that’s just really stupid’.

Another commenter replied,

“Yep, same with mine.

I told her I’m gonna set it up and have it bumpin’ when I pick her up from school.”

FunkyTurkey replied, excited that his video was having such an impact on young lives.


The song is making them roll their eyes as intended.

The experiment was a complete success.”

The video currently has over 600,000 views and proves, once again, that embarrassment and teenage huffing doesn’t kill a Dad Joke – it only adds fuel to the fire that makes them live forever.

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