If you’re like me, you follow several hilarious accounts on Twitter that are dedicated to making us all laugh about the slog that is the daily parenting battle.

How else shall we get through it, besides laughing (or crying or drinking) together?

We won’t, which is why we didn’t want you to miss these 13 super funny and relatable tweets.

13. I think it’s just called “owning a toddler.”

I’m hoping 4 is the magic number?


12. All of those brave, clueless souls flocking to the campgrounds.

You think cooking three meals a day, plus snacks, at HOME is hard?

11. Every single time you think they might be ready for a big kid cup.

Spoiler alert: They are not ready.

10. I would have no clue.

That’s what my husband is for, I guess.

9. Show, don’t tell.

It’s the best way to get your point across.

8. I’m sure your father will take you.

He already does whenever he’s in charge for five minutes.

7. This is the way it should be.

It’s no big deal and the noise is almost soothing if you ask me.

6. I’m filing this away for future use.

Parenting teens is going to be so fun!

5. The funniest things are amazing to them.

It’s always weird to think how many things are firsts for kids.

4. Tomorrow they will be cutting your self-esteem off at the knees.

That’s how kids roll, man. Don’t get comfortable.

3. We all know the truth.

But you should keep her guessing anyway.

2. I mean, that show is pretty amusing.

I’m guessing the 9yo’s information may not be as reliable, though.

1. I’m sure that seems true to them.

Time for a history lesson, perhaps. Or a rundown on our contemporary nightmare.

This is the kind of content I go to Twitter for, y’all!

Let us know which ones were your favorites down in the comments!