It doesn’t seem fair that one person should be a surgeon and art, but this doctor is taking adorably wholesome to a whole new level – by hiding his little patients new scars with cute drawings of beloved characters.

Dr. Robert Parry is the director of pediatric surgery at Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio, and he’s also the artist behind cute little cartoon drawings meant to make kids feel less scared when they come out of surgery.

He picks the characters based on the child’s favorite, since he spends good amounts of time with them before a surgery takes place.

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Parents of Dr. Parry’s patients say the drawings – and the doctor – made a hard thing just a bit easier by remembering that his patients were small.

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The kids wake up excited to see their drawing instead of worried about what their body might look like after its been cut open.

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Dr. Parry says the images take about 5 minutes to create, and that he loves doing it because it just makes everyone involved in the process feel good.

And if you can accomplish that in a scenario that involves kids and hospitals, well, that’s really something special.

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