Drew Barrymore’s Response to Body Shaming Should Inspire Us All



When the worlds of “Mommy Wars” and “Mommy Shaming” collide with the unrealistically high beauty standards Hollywood has for women, insecurity, embarrassment, and lots of inappropriate observations and comments abound.

Drew Barrymore has long been one to shrug in the face of all of that, and she’s honest about how hard it is to balance her life in front of the camera with her life as a mom who really loves to cook and eat delicious food.

She’s also been honest about how time-consuming eyebrow care can be.

But recently, when a woman dared to assume Drew was pregnant after a big lunch, she gave a response that should be an inspiration to us all…

“No, I’m just fat right now.”

Preach. Sometimes we’re fat. Sometimes we’re less fat. Sometimes we care and sometimes we don’t. It’s called being a woman and also a human being.

Thanks for reminding us, yet again, that it’s okay.

h/t: ScaryMommy