Kids are rattling around at home, and parents are looking for ways to entertain them, right? As the parent of two kids under four, I can tell you that we’re definitely on the hunt for age-appropriate entertainment…and also that we’re way more willing for that entertainment to come to us via a screen than we were a few months ago.

And listen. I know Elmo can be a little grating and he’s a Muppet and all of that, but toddlers love him. All of them, no exception, and do you know why?

Image Credit: Instagram

Because Elmo is them. Unapologetically. And everyone loves to see themselves on television right?

I’m guessing that’s also going to hold true for social media, and that kids everywhere (with their parents permission) are going to love following Elmo’s exploits there, too.

Image Credit: Instagram

As of today, you and your kiddos can follow @Elmo, though so far he’s only posted six pictures…that added up to one big picture of his face.

“Yaaaaaat Elmo’s first picture is done! Elmo is excited to be on Instagram!”

Elmo is the first of the Sesame Street friends to join the social media platform, and we can expect to see him connect with loved ones and celebrities all over the world.

He’s also expected to post about his new talk show, The Not Too Late Show with Elmowhich is set to premiere on HBO Max at the end of May 2020. On it, Elmo will interview celebrities, play music with his friends, do comedy sketches, play games, and highlight Elmo’s bedtime routine.

Don’t worry – if your kids ask why Elmo is allowed an Instagram account and they’re not, his bio clearly states that he’s running it “with the help of Elmo’s mommy and daddy.”

I think we all know how well things would go if three-year-olds ran Instagram.

I mean…probably not that different than it is now. If we’re being honest.

Have fun following @Elmo – I know we’re going to!