I support the idea that gender is a construct, and that every person should feel free to act and present the way they feel they are on the inside, and I think it’s amazing and wonderful that little girls and little boys are, more and more, encouraged to like what they like, despite expectations.

That said, as any parent of only boys (or only girls) will tell you, there are some inherent differences in raising kids who identify strongly on one side of the spectrum or the other.

If you’re raising boy boys, aka hellraisers who have already broken their first bone before they were potty-trained (raises hand), these 11 memes will hit you in the feels.

11. This is an extremely accurate statement.

By a mother who has obviously been there, perhaps more than once.

10. I mean…he has a point.

A weird one, but still. A point.

9. Oh, yeah, he’s definitely going to need them.

He’s going to need more than that, let’s be honest.

8. I guess it’s just a nice place to rest your palm.

I wouldn’t know, obviously, so maybe I shouldn’t judge.

7. The thing is, you probably really will.

Not the toilet part, specifically.

6. Everything smells like pee. All the time.

There’s no escape and no, they don’t clean their own bathrooms yet.

5. Why do they hate wearing clothes so much?

At least this one has realized that underwear is best when riding a bike.

4. I mean, maybe they do.

What do we know about it, really?

3. I can totally wait for this stage.

Maybe it will be something else by the time my boys get there.

2. Or on your brother or on the dog…

Or, or, or the list never ends.

1. At least there’s less laundry that way?

If I die young, it will be crushed beneath a mountain of laundry.

I’m feeling very seen and also encouraged by these!

What do you think, fellow boy moms? Which one hit the nail on the head for you? Tell us in the comments!