Meals with kids, amirite? The food is never right, even if it’s something they loved yesterday (or that morning), and there’s definitely always too much of it (more than three bites? I THINK NOT).

We’ve all been there – exhausted, frustrated, ready to weep – which is what makes these tweets from parents just like us so hilarious. Because this time, at least, it’s not us.

So feel free to laugh. In solidarity of course, not in any sort of smug way.

Because deep down we all know that next time it definitely will be us.

First, behold this guy, who could give the government some tips on how to handle terrorists:

Photo Credit: Twitter,Playing_Dad

Hey, don’t blame the kid. You’re the one who taught her that honesty is the best policy.

And this tweet from the trenches:

Photo Credit: Twitter,ValeeGrrl

Who knew having kids would be a resume builder?

Photo Credit: Twitter

Okay, I admit I wouldn’t handle this well:

Photo Credit: Twitter,simoncholland

That moment when you realize you’re running an apple prison…or a lunatic asylum.

So many times when you wish you hadn’t taught them that sharing is caring…

Photo Credit: Twitter,yenniwhite

And breakfast. And your happiness.

Photo Credit: Twitter,MyMomologue

The truth. It is painful.

Photo Credit: Twitter,HowToBeADad

I mean, parents are always looking for ways to save time.

Photo Credit: Twitter,simoncholland

On the plus side, your kid doesn’t have a focus issue – or an argument for a fidget spinner!

Photo Credit: Twitter,Six_Pack_Mom

Best to always answer “it’s a surprise!” and save all of the disappointment for later.

The secrecy actually makes the Pringles taste better, don’t you think?

Then again, having kids around at mealtime isn’t all bad, right? Because they are funny.

Photo Credit: Twitter,Playing_Dad

And you have to admit, they know how to live their best lives – and help you do the same.

Photo Credit: Twitter,PaperWash

Kids. You know you love ’em!

h/t: Bored Panda