Fridababy is best known for their NoseFrida, the lovely little product we all never expected to ever use but do actually, and to suck snot out of our baby’s nose WITH OUR OWN MOUTH, nonetheless. As gross as it is, there’s no comparing it to the effectiveness of those stupid squeeze bulbs, I know.

Now, they’ve come out with a product meant to assist dads with a significantly less disgusting but still important issue that comes part-and-parcel with parenting – getting kicked in the nethers by a clueless and well-meaning child.

Kids, of course, will beat the sh*t out of all of your body parts (the nose is my personal least favorite, though cheekbones and direct hits to a soft underbelly suck, too), but of course, everyone has a reason to protect those family jewels.

“The scrotum and testes are pretty much a nerve bundle,” confirms Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt to Men’s Health. So you know…they’re not exaggerating about the pain. This time.

So as moms may not be done having wee ones, and dads, well, I’m assuming they’re not into bouts of brief, unexpected pain.

Enter the Fridaballs, underwear with built in baby protection!

“Having kids is great – but being a dad can be a contact spot,” says the news release.

Indeed. Color me intrigued.

The underwear, styled as boxer-briefs, have a built-in flexible foam that protects against head butts, swinging heels, leaps into bed, or a forceful welcome-home hug. The company also promises Fridaballs are comfortable, breathable, made from natural fibers, and is available in sizes S-XL for just $28.

The promotional video on their website ends with “Protect your legacy. Yes, this is real,” which shows the company realizes how silly all of this sounds, but also knows that dads out there need such a thing – and that’s exactly the sort of idea that put them on the map with the NoseFrida.

So I mean, if history is any guide, these are definitely going to hit the market like a whirlwind.

Are you going to nab a pair for the dads-of-youngsters in your life?

I have to say, after watching my husband the past three years, these might make the perfect gift!