Here’s How to Make a “Tick Kit” for the Summer



Ticks are nasty. If I die and there is a heaven and I get to go there and talk to God, I’m definitely asking him what the inspiration was behind those little buggars. They’re nasty, their bites can hurt and itch for weeks on end, and you have to like, extract them from your body. YOURSELF.


Also, there are several known (and probably more unknown) awful and debilitating diseases carried and transmitted by ticks, so truly, precautions are necessary.

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So if you plan to spend any time in nature this summer, there’s a chance that you or someone in your family might find themselves faced with this rather unpleasant task – and it’s better to be prepared and all of that, right?

So here’s what you need to have a “Tick Kit” at the ready should nature decide to turn on you.

The items that go inside are simple and you likely already have them in your home: tweezers, alcohol swabs, index cards or Post-it notes, a Sharpie, and some clear tape inside a Ziploc bag.

But when you’re dealing with a blood-sucking disease vector, you don’t want to waste time scouring the house for the tweezers one of your kids carried off and dropped somewhere, right?

Make one for your house and one for your car.

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You should always use tweezers to remove the tick with slow, steady pressure to avoid leaving the head in the skin. Folk remedies like nail polish or peppermint oil will make the tick back out, but only after it’s fed for longer or had a chance to regurgitate under your child’s skin.

Tl;dr, just get it out as quickly as possible.

Clean the area with the alcohol swabs.

Tape the tick to the index card or post it note and use the Sharpie to notate the date, time, where the tick was picked up and where it was located on the person. It will come in handy in a worst case scenario like symptoms arising at a later date.

If symptoms do arise, or if you’re concerned, you can have the tick tested by going to and following the instructions.

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