People everywhere are struggling with job loss, a reduction in income, and facing the reality that they’re going to have to figure out how to pay their bills for the foreseeable future.

This is a brave new world, and some people are grabbing the bull by the horns and really deciding to lean into a career they always wanted to try – like 79-year-old grandfather “Tito Charly,” who started his own cooking show on YouTube.

Tito Charly,” real name Carlos Elizondo, has been cooking up a storm for over a month now – everything from chilaca chilis stuffed with shrimp and chorizo, ceviche, to comfort foods on steroids, like grilled cheese with bacon and chorizo (does this man need a taste tester, because sign me up!).

Before 2020 happened, Elizondo was working part time at a Mexican grocery store, but he wasn’t happy sitting at home doing nothing.

His daughter and grandson helped him with the technical and film side of his project, Elizondo handled the food, and voila! 400,000 subscribers and counting.

Tito Charly’s show airs on Sundays, and have subtitles in case you don’t understand Spanish. Make sure you bring you own snacks while you learn how to make more, because man. His food looks amazing.

Because Carlos has more energy than I do, he’s also created his own line of ingredients that he sells directly to consumers (in Mexico), and is hoping to expand further in the coming months.

As a widower with three children and six grandchildren, I’m guessing he knows a little bit about multi-tasking.

He said in an interview, “I have always been positive, I like to see ahead. There are no impossibles, there is always a way.”

An apt comment for a world in chaos, and in the midst of a year that, for many people, feels just like hell.

Hold on, guys. If an almost-octogenarian can still realize his dreams and make a little cash, too, there must be hope for the rest of us.