So, a mom who can’t get through her day without copious amounts of coffee is as cliche as a mom who has the words “live, laugh, love” somewhere in her house, but hear me out – coffee is the literal best.

It makes you happy, it’s good for you (mostly), and it keeps our kids alive during the worst of times.

If you agree with me (even if you don’t want to say it out loud), then these 14 memes are going to pair perfect with the cup of joe you’re probably reheating in the microwave right now.

14. Just something to keep in mind the next time you’re trying to impress a girl.

Or a woman who you would like to sleep with at any point in the future.

13. Well, time to try another cup.

It’s as good an idea as any.

12. I don’t believe in there being a “too late” time to drink coffee.

When you’re as tired as I am, nothing will stop you from going to sleep when it’s time.

11. Why on earth is this even a question?

Decaf coffee is an abomination, and I say this as someone who has been pregnant twice.

10. I’ll take my coffee as black as my soul, thank you.

And no, that’s not a joke so stop with the nervous laughter.

9. Okay so it can be a bit of a tradeoff but still.

I’ll take the being awake with anxiety, please.

8. There’s only one way to get me going.

Or at least, one way that can be managed in front of a crowd.

7. It really is a bit like magic.

And also, why are those little dogs always the biggest d*cks?

6. Who needs jewelry?

How is that supposed to get you through the day?

5. It’s a start, anyway.

God love truckers, man. Doing the Lord’s work.

Image Credit: Imgur

4. Truer words were never spoken, my friends.

And your children and spouse know this deep in their souls.

Image Credit: Imgur

3. For the coffee lovers AND the nerds.

It’s a good day to be on the internet.

Image Credit: Imgur

2. It’s vegan and it makes you happy.

Who saw that combination coming? Not me!

1. He’s not wrong.

He never is, though, so there’s that.


I don’t care if it’s basic, give me another cup!

Which one of these hit you just right today? Tell us in the comments!