If you’re a millennial (or belong to the xennial “microgeneration”) there’s a good chance you’ve forgotten about these 14 videos.

So, let me remind you why you are the way that you are, my friends. Enjoy.

#14. Lucy had nothing on this lady.

The grape lady sounds were hard to reproduce, but we tried.

#13. I like turtles.

Why this didn’t give us lasting nightmares, I’ll never know.

#12. This poor dear and her “US Americans” (among others).

Bless her heart.

#11. Unforgivable.


“And some waffle fries…FOR FREE.”

#10. What, what in the butt?

Never change.

#9. Have you forgotten why you say “I am le tired?”

Now you remember.

#8. Shoes.


#7. Boom goes the dynamite.

I wonder what happened to this guy?

#6. Potter puppets.

Bother bother bother.

#5. Chocolate Rain.

You could recite the entire thing. I bet you still can.

#4. This gem of wtf*ckery.


#3. My new haircut.

Not now, chief.

#2. Mmmmm, whatcha say.

Dear Sister.

#1. Powerthirst.

I have never again been “uncomfortably energetic.”

Huh. Maybe some things really are better off left in the past?