There are upsides and downsides to growing up with siblings or being an only child – as with everything in life, there’s not a “better,” just a “different.”

If you’re someone who grew up with at least one sibling, though, these posts are going to come with a strong dose of nostalgia (and maybe a few memories that will revive some old grudges from your childhood, too).

13. Sibs are always protective of their food.

Even if there’s plenty to go around.

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12. A true classic.

He will be a legend forevermore.

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11. I have a visceral reaction to this tweet.

My heart just speeds up!

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10. Their parents I guess.

Who now regret not giving them siblings.

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9. And they get it right away.

Hopefully they laugh. Ha!

8. Her brother was obviously Zack Morris.

It’s the only explanation.

7. It always comes back to food.

It giveth and it taketh away.

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6. You’ve gotta protect your takeout.

No, a note isn’t going to work.

5. Some things moms don’t need to know.

I don’t care how old you are.

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4. That last kid just needs to let someone know they’re alive.

Oldest sibs are still mad about it.

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3. Some of us learned to like being Luigi.

He really was better anyway.

2. Don’t be so lazy.

Waiting until I get up to ask…

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1. They’ve proved themselves now.

Now you know you can trust them.

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Ahhh, growing up with a sister was just… *chef’s kiss*

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