Listen, I am not about to diminish the relationship between mothers and fathers, or between dads and their friends, or between moms and anyone else in their lives, but listen – there’s a reason that every single mom needs an army of mom friends by her side.

We get each other and what our lives are like without having to discuss it, and nothing feels quite as good as being able to laugh with another mom at the twilight zone we sometimes find ourselves in.

If you’re a mom, then, these 12 posts are for you. Cheers!

12. That seems like a reasonable timeline.

Unpacking takes so much longer than packing, I don’t get it.

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11. How could you be anything but delighted by that?

In fact, I’m extremely upset there’s no video attached.

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10. They are good at telling on themselves.

I’m sure she’ll figure it out eventually.

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9. Hey, she listened and it covers her nose and mouth.

She’s light years ahead of like, half of America.

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8. Depends on your family, honestly.

But probably not.

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7. We’ve all gone a bit feral, honestly.

Hopefully everyone will be patient with the kiddos.

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6. You just stand back and hope it’s going to be ok.

Toxic masculinity is a tough but to crack.

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5. That teacher is probably having a worse week than you are.

Or, at least, they were until then.

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4. He’s just having a sleepover with his friends.

This is honestly super adorable.

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3. Hopefully you only say it in your head.

Otherwise you might get stuck with bedtime forever and a day.

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2. You can’t tell them anything.

That said, the way they think and say things is way cuter than the right way.

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1. Sadly, I think it might be gone forever.

We really, really need it to make a reappearance, too.

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I love my mom friends, y’all. Couldn’t do it without them.

Tell me in the comments how you met yours!