There are so many things the modern mom thinks she has to have before bringing home baby, and one of those things is a cute way to mark the monthly milestones of the first year. For awhile, cute stickers and chalkboards (or dry erase boards) were all the rage, but recently, people have chosen blankets instead.

Which, as a mom of two, I can see working really well until the start moving. But I digress.

If you’re looking for the perfect blanket to mark the months, and you’re a fan of the television show Friends, you truly don’t need to search for another minute – here’s the perfect blanket for your bundle.

This Friends Milestone blanket was created by a mom of three boys after she created one to use for her own babies. It’s made from a lightweight, microfiber fleece material, and is super soft and cozy. You can toss it in your washing machine (vital) and it comes in three different sizes that range in price from $44-$80.

It’s customizable with baby’s name, the top of the blanket playoff the way every Friends episode is titled (The One Where…), stating “The One Where (Baby’s Name) Turns…” just underneath a Chandler catchphrase (Could I BE any cuter?!).

Underneath, there are 12 numbers in Friends-style text, and in the center, a replica of the yellow picture frame that hung on the back of Monica’s apartment door for the duration of the show.

No promises your little one will fit neatly inside it for the entire 12 months, but hey, they should be adorably framed for a few months, at least.

And listen, if this is your first baby and you’ve got time to be extra creative, I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with captions that will delight your friends and the other fans in your life because there are quotes for days that could apply to baby life!

If you grab one of these, please drop your IG link in the comments, because I really need to follow up and see how amazing these posts are going to be.

Oh. My. God.