Adulting is hard enough when you only have to take care of yourself, so props to those people out there who are aware that taking care of children would put them above their competency level.

If that’s you, these tweets are going to feel like a big ‘ol pat on the back.

#13. Why am I not the buffest woman alive?

#12. Sharing is caring. Preach it. Live it.

#11. I mean, you paid for one of those things.

#10. Honesty is a good starting point.

#9. I’m sure she liked it?

8. That’s expert-level Mom-ing.

#7. Parenting is definitely a “no distraction zone.”

#6. And they will…

#5. Have a toddler, can confirm.

#4. I’ll take two.

#3. How quickly we forget.

#2. Okay, but that happens to every parent at least once.

#1. Practice makes perfect.

Go ahead and sigh with relief. You’re lucky no one is there begging for half of your snack.