Most women I know have kind of a love/hate relationship with their boobs. If they’re too big, that’s painful and can cause lasting back issues (but guys love ’em!). If they’re too small, you sort of grow up feeling like you were shorted in the genetic lottery, but also you don’t have to wear a bra!

The only time they’re honesty useful to ladies is if you decide to have children and also decide to breastfeed. Those months (or years), boobs are really nice to have (even if they hurt and leak and are full of lumps and sag afterward).

Ladies, you know what I’m saying. And for all boob owners who need a laugh, I give you these funnies.

9. If the salesgirl is in her 20s, it’s not going to work out.

Advice from me to you, for free.

8. That last one is the best part of staying home all the time.

I’m not sure bras are going to make a comeback.

7. There is a direct correlation.

And it’s not a good one.

Image Credit: Kathy Ngo

6. You never know what you’re going to find in there.

That goes double after you have kids.

Image Credit: Joanna Borns

5. But I mean there are also a lot of perks, right?

Like not being squeezed all day by a band of elastic?

4. So many more, y’all.

And seriously, you don’t even care.–ygFdx9/

3. I am so through with this metric, tbh.

That’s why I say no bra is the most comfortable bra!

2. I don’t know why we do this, but there it is.

Somehow just as awkward in a drawing, too.

1. I’m convinced this is by design.

It just adds a little something to your workout.

I definitely needed that laugh today (although I haven’t worn a bra in weeks and its been amazing).

Which one of these graphics resonated with you the most? Confess in the comments!