That’s strong billing for a grocery store, I know. Most of them honestly have a pretty low bar when it comes to changing things up and innovating, probably because most of us hate it when they change things up – but also because they know we need groceries and our options aren’t endless, so why bother?

These 13 grocery stores aren’t taking that attitude, though, and honestly some of these ideas could make the whole world a better place.

13. It’s cool, but…

There goes another job to a computer.

This grocery store has digital price tags on the shelves
byu/ali_g_aiii inmildlyinteresting

12. Fun for the whole family!

And no one has to get poison ivy in the process!

You can pick your own mushrooms at this grocery store
byu/BlondeRed inmildlyinteresting

11. Okay but mine picks the grossest fruit.

Not that my kids care.

My local grocery store gives away fruit to kids for free to promote healthy eating.
byu/BrandoCommando34 inmildlyinteresting

10. I like the way they think.

More people should do it.

This grocery store prints the label directly onto the ginger with a foodsafe ink to eliminate the need for packaging or labels
byu/Swee_et inmildlyinteresting

9. Well that’s helpful.

I always figured it was a crapshoot.

My local grocery store has a ripeness chart for bananas.
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8. Don’t even offer plastic.

That’s going to be the only way to get rid of it.

This super market had tiny paper bags instead of plastic containers to reduce waste
byu/treanegno inmildlyinteresting

7. They’re going to be sorry they did that.

Everyone has a different definition of wonky, right?

My local supermarket has tags that you can put on broken trolleys
byu/Master-Obvious inmildlyinteresting

6. I’ll take a dozen.

Just an assortment. Like donuts.

My local grocery store sells “Cocktails-to-go”
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5. A (potentially) tantrum-free checkout.

You can never head off 100% of them.

This checkout has no candy for parents with kids
byu/KrazoaSpirit inmildlyinteresting

4. Can I get one of those in my bathroom.

I have my reasons.

A grocery store in my town has a machine you can put your wet phone in to save it
byu/needuhlife19 inmildlyinteresting

3. Give it a chance. Somebody took you home.


My local grocery store chain started selling fruits and vegetables that are misshapen, blemished or ugly for a discounted price.
byu/x1pitviper1x inmildlyinteresting

2. You never know when it might come in handy.

It’s better than mindlessly scrolling on your phone.

My local grocery store teaches you the waltz while you’re waiting for your prescription.
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1. This is a lot of pressure on those checkers!

Yes, that is my anxiety talking, how did you know?

This supermarket guarantees free groceries if the checkout lines are too long.
byu/jamisonv inmildlyinteresting

Seriously, I want to patronize all of these places!

Does your local grocery store do anything cool like this? Share with us in the comments if they do!