There are bad ways to give feedback, and good ways, and the best way, and I’m not sure there’s generally an argument for the best way being a public shaming.

That said, there’s always more to these Am I The A$shole posts than first meets the eye (for better or worse), so let’s take a peek and see what inspired this mother to take to the internet to air their dirty laundry.

The first incident that got her attention was her small daughter coming home and saying that her daycare refused to give her sunscreen when she’d asked for it.

They told her that because she is Black and can’t get sunburned, she didn’t need it.

A while ago my daughter[8f] was complaining about her daycare because they were not giving her sunscreen. she asked for sunscreen but they said that black people do not need sunscreen but they actually do.

When the class went on a field trip, the white children were shepherded into the shade while the Black children were made to sit in the sun without any protection.

The mother complained and the daycare workers said she would need to send a doctor’s note if she wanted sunscreen provided.

Before covid they went on a field trip and they made all the black kids sit in the sun and made the white kids sit in the shade because it would damage their skin or some bs.

I talked to the ladies at the daycare and they said that it was justified but said if we brought in a doctors note they would give her sunscreen.

She sent her own sunscreen to school and her daughter used it, and shared it with others, but had it taken away by the teachers.

The day she came home with a terrible sunburn, her skin peeling, and the mother had (understandably) had enough – she left a negative Yelp! review accusing the daycare of being racist.

i made my daughter take it to school and let her share it with other kids but then the teacher took it saying she was not allowed to do that without permission. The other day she came home with a bad sunburn and her skin was peeling.

I had enough and wrote that they were racist and segregating kids and that she could get skin cancer because they are forcing her in the sun without sunscreen.

The person in charge of the daycare asked her to take the review down, saying she wasn’t wrong about Black people not being able to burn and accused the mother of blowing it all out of proportion.

I sent the lady in charge articles about cancer and that black people can get sunburned and sent her names of the workers who enforced this.

she said that they were under her orders and that she was right because we have more protection against this and said that i was blowing this out of proportion and asked me to take my review down.

The mother thinks she was well within her lane here, but some of her friends think she’s overreacting with the review, too.

I am seriously thinking of contacting a news channel about this. my friend said i am being a karen for complaining publicly and that black people have melanin so that gives them lots of protection that other kids dont have

What does Reddit think? Let’s find out!

Do you suppose the entire community telling them they’re wrong will change their minds?

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The consensus is that it’s clearly racism.

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Some think the review on Yelp! actually didn’t go far enough.

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There is actual scientific proof that they’re wrong, so…

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And yes, ignorance is no excuse once education has been doled out.

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I honestly can’t believe these people have doubled down like THREE TIMES (tripled down?) after OP informed them their views are wrong.

Was the Yelp! review in bad taste? Should OP take it further? Sound off in the comments!