If there’s one thing that’s totally true about parenting, it’s that it gives you lots of material. Kids are hilarious, both when they’re trying to be and when they’re not, which is good – we might not survive otherwise.

Here are 15 parents who are really getting their little one’s best efforts (for now).

15. Best to be honest about these things from the start.

No need to be impractical.

14. Better safe than sorry.

But yes, let us all have that confidence.

13. And they realize they’ve always known

They just didn’t understand until then.

12. And yet everyone wants to go to the beach?

It’s really not the best with little kids.

11. It’s how she expresses herself, okay?

As long as there was no Sharpie on the walls or furniture, I’d call that a win.

10. This girl is going places.

Watch out, everyone.

9. So much for beggars not being choosers.

That lesson doesn’t apply to fairy tale creatures, perhaps.

8. The most terrifying thing anyone could imagine.

Anyone who has stepped on one before, anyway.

7. They could be fined otherwise.

“What’s in here, a ton of bricks?” is an acceptable substitute.

6. That is a…moment.

Not good, not bad, but certainly a moment.

5. Why do I feel like there must be meaning in this somewhere?

Probably because I haven’t have a second cup of coffee.

4. Unless you’re one of those cry-it-out people.

No judgement but you won’t learn yoga that way.

3. She learned from watching you.

Isn’t it sweet? HAHAHA.

2. Also that terrifying moment when you make a threat you really, really don’t want to follow through on.

Taking away iPad or TV time hurts you more than them some days.

1. Things can get very honest when they’re pretending to be you.

It’s like looking in a tiny judgmental mirror.

I’m just giggling, and this time not because my kid is walking around with a box on his head.

What’s the funniest thing your kid has done this week? Share with us in the comments!