Every mom needs advice and support now and then (or more often than that), because as wonderful as motherhood is, the trials can sometimes crop up a couple of times a day.

Or an hour, if you have toddlers, because they act like it’s their job to get into whatever they can the moment your back is turned.

And toddler logic, I’m sorry to say, even applies to famous parents.

The proof? Kristen Bell turned around or came out of the bathroom or finished emptying the dishwasher to find that her young daughter had emptied a container of Vaseline onto her head.

She shared an image of the more-than-a-little horrifying, goopy mess on Instagram and said “My daughter just washed her hair with Vaseline and I can’t get it out. Has this ever happened to anyone? Does anyone have any tips on how to get it out?”

Bell also lamented that the entire mess had only gotten worse after three washes with regular shampoo.

Image Credit: Twitter

The moms of the internet showed their best sides – the helpful ones, not the ones that make them wrinkle their noses at another mom’s choices – and recommended dish soap.

Dawn, in case you’re a new parent, is second only to Mr. Clean Magic Erasers when it comes to cleaning during the toddler years.

Image Credit: Twitter

Bell joked n a later comment…

“Okay the consensus was dish soap and I appreciate that.

I’m very grateful for you guys because I don’t know what I’m doing,”

Keep up the good work supporting each other, moms of toddlers.

There is a 100% chance that one day, you will be the one with the problem you never imagined – and you’re going to need someone who has been there to help you out.