If you’re a person of a certain age, you might remember Lauren Conrad as the star of the reality television show The Hills. Since then, though, she’s been busy with other (more relatable) things, like marriage, kids, and starting her own business.

She’s been designing and selling clothes for several years now, but with two little ones of her own, she’s foraying into creating adorable, chill clothes for kids for the first time.


Her style and aesthetic has always been California casual, with pretty prints and soft, flowy fabrics reigning supreme, and her children’s line looks no different.

Which is to say, they seem like the perfect outfits to wear in this sure-to-be lazy summer.

The line will be called Little Co. by Lauren Conrad, and will be sold exclusively at Kohl’s to start. Conrad told Romper in an exclusive interview that she’s always “had a hard time finding” kids clothes that aren’t too loud and flashy, so she’s hoping her collection will fill a void.


This might not be the ideal time to launch a brand, but with everyone at home with their little ones, she hopes her clothes will bring some simplicity and smiles to homes.

Like other popular clothing companies for kids, Little Co. will feature items from 0-24 months, and 2T-5T, with patterns and colors that are easy to mix and match. The prices are reasonable, too, with all of the items under $20.

The clothes seem to reflect Conrad’s laid back attitude toward life and parenting, and as someone who owns two littles, I’m definitely going to check it out.


The idea of being able to reach into a drawer and grab a top and bottom and have them mostly match sounds wonderful.

Cheers to all of the parents staring down a summer alone with their kids. As long as there’s no alcohol shortage and we’ve got hoses to turn on, we’re going to make it.