If you, like me, are a child of the 1980s, there’s a good chance that you were more traumatized by many of the films that were made for children. We were a tougher lot, I suppose…or at least, we were after having our hearts broken and our minds scarred by the movies people thought were age-appropriate.

That certainly includes The NeverEnding Story, with its wolf monster, laser-shooting sphinxes, and – dear heavens – the drowning horse.


If you go back and watch the film as an adult (with your heart girded, of course) you may remember that there were also things to smile about – and one of those things is definitely Bastian riding Falkor the luck dragon through the sky.


The NeverEnding Story hit theaters in 1984, and at the time, was the most expensive film ever produced in Germany. They’re still quite proud of the accomplishment, which is one reason some props and other memorabilia are some of the main attractions at Munich, Germany’s Bavaria Film Studios.

There, fans and kids of all ages can climb aboard the lovable, dog-like dragon Falkor, who is actual-sized, and “ride” him for a photograph.


You can also check out models of Morla the giant turtle, Pyornkrachzark the rock biter, and Gluckuk’s racing snail while you’re there, along with a bunch of other stuff that’s sure to delight movie fans the world over.

They’re normally open year-round for public tours, but of course, with the current situation you’ll want to call ahead to see what plans may be.



And you know, just try not to think about the horse.

Like I did every day for like, six months when I was ten.