We’re all getting older, and maybe we’re starting to look more like our parents. We’re starting to see the points-of-view the older people in our lives espoused all those years ago. And we’re starting to say things that used to make us cringe.

If we were lucky enough to inherit treasures from our grandparents, some of these 12 things might even be popping up around our homes – because there’s a 99% chance your grandparents had this stuff, too.

12. These deadly carpet protectors.

Heaven help you if they got flipped up.

Image Credit: Amazon

11. In those exact same colors, too.

I can smell the dust bunnies.

Image Credit: Facebook

10. If it’s got a monogram, it’s not for using.

You know better than to dry your hands on those.

Image Credit: Twitter

9. These were decorations.

Even though they probably still worked.

Image Credit: Facebook

8. They conveniently matched the lawn.

Also, you were never quite sure whether they would hold your weight.

Image Credit: picclick

7. My parents had this until I was in college.

Dating myself, I know.

Image Credit: Etsy

6. You couldn’t live without at least one of these.

I have no idea why.

Image Credit: Etsy

5. Why would you BUY Tupperware?

You could lose the lids for these containers just as easily.

4. They weren’t quite as good as the ones you got from Hardees.

But they were still nice.

Image Credit: Etsy

3. These were full-on goblets.

That no one was interested in using.

Image Credit: Etsy

2. What even was this pattern?

It’s giving me a headache.

Was this couch (or a similar patterned couch) a staple in anyone else’s grandparents home? (Bonus points for being super cozy!)
byu/TrumpwonHilDawgLost innostalgia

1. Fancy doorknobs everywhere.

Even in the bathroom.

Image Credit: RetroComputingGeek

My heart is full of nostalgia, friends!

Which of these things did you pounce on when you lost a grandparent?

Tell me in the comments!