Many of us are going to be back to managing our kids’ virtual classroom and assignments very soon (or maybe you’re one of those who has never had a break). We love our kids, we want the best for them, we know this isn’t anyone’s first choice, but dang.

We’re not looking forward to more of the same.

If you’re worried about keeping your kids focused and on-track when all they have keeping them tethered to the idea of education is a teacher and a computer screen, you might want to check out this hack – brought to you by a woman wrangling six kids all learning from home.


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We actually found out about this superwoman from one of her eight kids – there are two no longer technically children, though 18-year-old Jaala James is stuck learning from home, too, since her college is being run remotely.

Since Jaala and two of her younger siblings all deal with ADD and ADHD, chatting during the day was a big issue.

Their mother’s solution?


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Yeah, like in your run-of-the-mill government office.

She found six of them online, picked them up, brought them home, and set them up in what had been the entertainment room.

Jaala said they work great, and there’s still room for a couch so their three dogs can join in the fun, too.

All of the kids are digging the private space and less noise, and their grades have been “fantastic,” Jaala told Buzzfeed News.


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♬ original sound – Jaala

She also said that her mom has been super into it, ordering school lunch trays and tiny little milks that she delivers when Jaala is in the middle of class.

Her mom also made a student of the week board, but Jaala said the only winners have been the dogs, because her mom “thinks she’s a comedian.”

I’ve gotta say, I think she’s pretty funny. Not to mention pretty damn smart.

Are you inspired? Will you turn your house in a version of The Office? Tell us why or why not in the comments!