As a woman, the time you spend pregnant and postpartum as some of the most vulnerable of our lives. We’re trying to care for ourselves, to care for another human being that depends solely on us, and the hormones swirling around combine with other physical changes to make our emotional states understandably fragile.

It can be a trying (but joyous!) time if you’ve got a great support system around you, so I can’t imagine what this woman has gone through with her husband and in-laws bizarre behavior.

She tells the Reddit forum Am I The A**hole that since she got pregnant her husband has been a bit too excited, and has all but stopped calling her by her name in favor of using “Mommy,” even though she’s asked him to stop.

His family, bizarrely, calls her by the baby’s name.

Even though she expressly asked her mother-in-law to not throw her a party, she did it anyway, using a “gift” from her son to trick the woman into showing up. They groped her belly, ordered a distasteful cake that she couldn’t eat (because her husband wasn’t “allowing” her to eat dairy or processed sugar “for the baby”) and when she said she wanted to leave, he said she was acting crazy.

She left anyway, calling a cab and going home before letting him know she was fine, and even though only 30 minutes had passed, he had called the police.

Now, he’s angry and the in-laws want him to divorce her and sue for full custody and she’s not sure if she overreacted.

No one – no one – thinks she’s the a**hole here.

Largely because she’s being mentally and emotionally abused by an entire family.

I mean, who does this kind of thing to somebody who’s pregnant?!?

The advice to get out of there, live with her family and talk to her doctor, seem very valid to me, a woman who has been there (not pregnant, thank goodness).

She hasn’t posted any updates, and I join everyone else on Reddit hoping that she and the baby are okay.