You can read all of the books, and talk to all of the experts, and spend hours and days talking to your own mother about what to expect once you have children, but the fact remains that you’ll never really get it until that baby is staring you in the face.

And, you’ll keep never getting it until they’re adults and out on their own – and then you can keep pretending you know what you’re doing with your grandkids.

These parents are sharing the moments they felt like life said “welcome to parenthood,” and if you’re part of the club, you’ll probably agree.

11. One person’s half-eaten acorn is a toddler’s treasure.

Why do they hate trash cans?

10. And they like the trash more than anything you’ve bought them.

Trust me on this.

9. The days begin early.

And they last forever.

8. It’s not because they’re controlling.

It’s because someone has to occupy the children.

7. I think the WHAT NOW belongs around lunch.

The days end with GO BACK TO BED.

6. Don’t you dare try to argue with the parent who is home that it’s not.

Because they would kill for that 30 minute drive.

5. We are all stronger than we know.

Because me time has become a farce.

4. No, they don’t know what they are hungry for, either.

But it’s probably nothing you have.

3. Well that’s just rude.

Time for a boycott.

2. You will hardly notice the first.

You will become an expert at fixing th second.

1. All rocks are worthy.

They will go into your pockets, sir.

I am just giggling and also wanting to hold someone’s hand because whew. Those first realizations are tough!

What’s the moment you knew for sure you had joined the mommy or daddy club? Share it with us in the comments!