If you’ve got more than one child (or one child and pets, or more than one pet) you likely know that problems arise when they realize you only have one lap – and someone else is already in it. My 17 month-old and my puppy regularly oust each other from that warm, cozy spot between my folded knees.

Reading a book is, of course, the time when laps are at a premium, and for one father, not being able to hold all three of his babies and tell them a story was too much – so he did something about it.

Hal Taylor is, in addition to being a father with three kiddos, a master craftsman. He loves reading to his kids, but after the third one – a daughter named Rose – was born, he realized he’d run out of lap (but not love).

He created a beautiful, one-of-a-kind (for now) masterpiece he calls the Storytime Rocking Chair. There are seats for at least 3 kids (I think you could do 4, with 2 on your lap).

And if you’re thinking this is something you could make yourself, well…not if you’re as good with wood craftmanship as Hal is.

He told Bored Panda “there are over 200 precisely cut and shaped pieces of wood which I use to make up the 19 back braces. That is more pieces than you will find in 20 normal rocking chairs.”

The man-hours and materials are two reasons he’s selling his hand-crafted rocker for around $7,000 online.

If you’ve got the cash and a bunch of kids, I’d say it’s a piece that would be handed down for generations to come.

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