I don’t honestly know a woman who nursed her kid that didn’t end up trying her breastmilk at one point or another. You have to make sure it’s warm enough, that it’s not spoiled, it’s on your hand and you don’t have a rag, etc.

Then, there’s the curiosity! What does it taste like? Why do babies love it so much? One woman did a three part series on TikTok about this topic – on her “boob juice,” if you will.

She was a young mom and finally got the chance to go out after weeks at home with her newborn. She and her friends went to a frat party, but after awhile…her boobs started to leak. Her friends thought they should go, but she said no way!

Let’s figure this out…


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Since they were all drunk (frat party) remember, her friends decided they couldn’t let her milk go to waste.

Reader: they decided to drink it.


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♬ original sound – callmekristatorres

They….loved it. Swore it tasted exactly like Fruity Pebbles.

Made the girl down the hall try it; she loved it, too!


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♬ original sound – callmekristatorres

So is this nonsense? Well, my own breastmilk was also super sweet, but I wouldn’t call it fruity.

Maybe I was doing it wrong, or because I was so much older, my boobs didn’t get the message that the milk was supposed to be fruity and fun? Because other people chimed in the comments verifying that their milk, too, tasted like sweet cereal milk and they and their partners tried it.

Did you try your breast milk? Was it gross? Yummy? Would you buy it from a store?

You can tell us, no judgement! Do that in the comments!