Parents Are Sharing Their Kids’ Priceless Reactions to the Super Bowl Halftime Show


The halftime show at the 2020 Super Bowl turned into quite the controversy, mostly because people don’t like other people to be happy. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira shook and danced their way across the stage, celebrating their native cultures and making political statements as they saw fit.

If there’s one thing people can agree on, it’s that between the gorgeous, fit women on the screen and some of the questionable camera angles, watching the whole thing with children of a certain age was a bit awkward.

No matter how woke of a parent you are, queueing up something on HBO with your pubescent kids is always going to be uncomfortable.

The #superbowlhalftimeshow was amazing. However… watching it with my 14 yr old son was interesting. Those ladies owned…

Posted by That's Inappropriate on Sunday, February 2, 2020

One mom tweeted a hilarious photo of her 14-year-old son riveted to the program, and other parents responded in kind.

And y’all. This is definitely my new favorite part of the Super Bowl.

9. That’s called self-censoring!

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8. They always know when to come in, don’t they?

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7. That’s a lot of shock at one time!

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6. He had her rewind it – no shame in his game!

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5. I can’t even imagine…and this is going to be me!

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4. In his striped PJ pants.

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3. When it can distract from Minecraft you know it’s goooooood.

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2. Talk about a missed opportunity!

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1. Their faces are killing me.

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I’m dying. DYING. And right now, I’m pretty glad my littles are still, well…littles.

Did you watch the show with a teen or pre-teen? Share their reactions – and how you handled it – with us in the comments!