How a child got their name is a cherished part of family lore. Often, the name was meant as a tribute, maybe to a beloved relative or an inspiring historical figure. Or maybe they were named after a fictional teenager who’s really good at assassinating people.

But what if kids were named after the way the reasons we have them? Bunmi Latidan, creator of the @HonestToddler Twitter account, posed that exact question, along with the answer:

The Hen will always get ya.

Lots of other parents on Twitter followed suit, and the results were hilarious. Here are 15 of the best. Not only will these parents give you a good chuckle, their jokes also provide a window into the reasons many couples decide to have kids–and many of those reasons are less-than-romantic. And you know what? That’s OK!

1. Tequila, and a medical miracle.

2. This couple’s kryptonite? Special occasions.

3. Play the “rename game” again in 20 years, and this will be most answers.

4. And before there was “Netflix and Chill,” there was this technique.

5. The second rename here, I get. But the first? I want to know the story!

6. “Birth control failure” was a common theme.

7. This time with a military twist.

8. Feelin’ the rhythm? Maybe not.

9. Three kids, three very different reasons.

10. She had a baby for the same reason I just ate a pickle: procrastination!

11. When the solution to your problem just causes more problems.

12. Kid #3 is why you pay attention in school.

13. Probably not because they set a world record.

14. For some folks, weather was a factor.

15. Groupon, you ol’ scoundrel.

h/t: Cafe Mom